Best 5 Epic Summer Essentials Actually You Must Have

Best 5 Epic Summer Essentials Actually You Must Have

When it comes to summer we are all about warmth and finding new items to make our days more fun. Actually, we are about that all year long but living in the Midwest we only get it in the summer. Below is 5 summer essentials that are going to hard to ever want to part with.


Best 5 Epic Summer Essentials Actually You Must Have: Sea Salt Spray

So when it comes to summer even if we don’t live right by the water this sea salt spray will give you those beautiful waves even if you have naturally straight hair. Use it right after the shower and then again the next morning for another day of waves. Perfect for any day even if you find yourself at a desk all day.


Sun Screen

I really don’t wear sunscreen too much. Mostly because I don’t go outside a ton. I burn super easy so I really just go outside to get my 20 mins of Vitamin D around 1 pm every day and that is about it. Sure I sit in the car every now and again or go on a walk but I’m not really outside much. If I ever do find myself outside for longer then that 20 minutes this is what I wear. I do try to wait to go swimming until after 3 pm and I won’t need to wear sunscreen. The summer essentials bundle is perfect.

Organically olivia

Peace Juice

Now I don’t know about you but I can always use more peace in my life. This spray is perfect even on the go. When you feel like you need some peace is all the chaos take a deep breath, say a prayer, and then spray 6 sprays of peace juice right on your tongue let it sit there for 30 seconds. This works so well that you will have to order more than 1 bottle. Best stuff I have used in a long time.

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Body Wash

So I actually use this body wash all year long but it makes me most happy in the summer. It smells so comforting and works so well. Plus it can be used on everyone in your family very long to the aging gracefully. It can be used head to toe as well so it will make packing for any trip super easy. This has helped is rid of any skin problems I’ve had along with drinking a lot of water and eating clean foods. This is a must try when you are in need of a new body wash. I plan on getting this for any baby shower I ever go to as well. Great way to get them started off feeding their skin. I have actually found as well that I don’t need to use any lotion at all either.



Of course we can have this anytime but on a summer night when you are outside relaxing for the night sitting with the family eating chips and queso is just so much more fun. This one I found at all the whole foods around us. I was really hard to find when it first came out but now I’m starting to see it everywhere. They show to warm it up before you eat it. I prefer to eat it cold. It has the yummiest taste. I eat with all there sea salt chips. I have been getting one jar a week but am seeing that I will probably have to up it to two a week. Once you start eating this it will be hard to stop so fair warning.

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So to sum this up get your favorite seat salt spray, sun screen, peace juice, body wash, and queso. Don’t forget to really slow down and enjoy this season. It will be gone before you know it.

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Do you have other summer essentials you can’t live without? Great! Feel free to join our community and get in on the conversation.

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