The Most Amazing Essential Oils for A Valentines Day

As you are reading this you are one of two people. You are the one that really doesn’t see the point of valentines day and wants NOTHING to do with it. Or you are the person who is super into valentines day and you have been getting ready for it since Christmas day was over. No matter which one you are this article will be super helpful is using oils for valentines day.

Essential Oils for Valentines Day: Relax

So if you know nothing about essential oils let me start with my favorite thing about them. So are so relaxing. Ones like lavender and sandalwood just to name a few. You see whether you are into valentines day or not doesn’t matter. Use it as a day to relax if you must but just enjoy it. It’s one more day you get on this beautiful earth. Don’t waste it.


Now if nothing else you could get a massage. Just getting one of these is literally so relaxing. One of the best oils I’ve ever used as a base with essential oils is Marvelous Massage carrier oil. So you can put this in your hand with 2 drops of ylang ylang, clary sage, and patchouli and massage. Everyone will be relaxed and it would be a great way to end valentines day.


Of course, diffuser blends are so popular right now. They are a super great alternative to a candle. They even make diffusers that have a flicker as a candle does. Some really great essential oils to buy this valentines day is Rose, Jasmine, and Bouquet synergy. You can put two drops of each of those in a diffuser with water. They smell wonderful and put you in such a good mood. Plus the women in your life will love these so much.

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Speaking of diffusers here are a few of my favorites. Wood grain is one in our bedroom. Chrome is the one I have in my office. 3D Effect Night Light is another one I use in the office it’s so fun to look at. Candle flicker one this one is fun to have in the family room while watching tv. White this one is also in our living room but gets put in the bathroom as well to have a spa-like experience. Things that I like to focus on to make a good diffuser. No beeping when it turns and off. The light is either totally on or off like no light on the power button. 30 sec on and 30 sec off cycle. Find what you like and go with that.

To sum this all up essential oils for valentines day will relax you, you can give/get a good massage, they can be given as a gift even if it’s to yourself that last longer then a day, and they all can be used in a diffuser that will make any room you put it in smell amazing.

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Have something else you love about essential oils for valentines day? Great! Feel free to let us know in the comments below love to hear from ya.

Essential Oils for Valentines Day

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