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Have you ever had those days where you aren’t sure who you really are or what you are doing? I mean granted you are in the kitchen eating a cookie but that is all you feel like you have going for yourself. That husband of yours is pretty great and you know it but what about the fact that there has to be more right?!

Lady there totally is! I can not tell you how many of these kinda days I’ve had. On those days I found myself online researching and checking out videos on ways to help organize my life or how to focus. I probably should have been searching for workout videos but process lol. That is all to say I hear ya, I get it, and I’m here to help!

Hey! I’m Lizzie Ann. You can find me drinking matcha, reading, and playing board games. I am mostly known for living a holistic lifestyle. Honestly, I’m just trying to do the best I can and some days I’m just not always getting it right. That is when you can find me eating chocolate. People often refer to me as sassy, giggly, and a little kid at heart. I love serving the Lord by showing you easy ways to live a better life. The things I’m most passionate about in life are helping people and family.

So come along on this journey with me and let’s learn together!

Have questions or want to suggest a topic for me to blog about? Great! Contact Me Here.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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