6 Valentine’s Box Ideas Your Family Wouldn’t Tell You

When it comes to Valentine’s Day we are all on different wave length’s. Some of us would like to just skip over this day altogether. Others of us have thought of all things pink and read to make the day magical. Where ever you are on this scale let me help you with valentine’s box ideas on how to even treat yourself if you have to! Lady, you deserve it.

Valentine’s Box Ideas: Simple

So I’m starting to realize most of my posts have something to do with keeping it simple. Oddly enough valentine’s box ideas are no different. Don’t over compliant this day. Your family loves you but you being stressed out over gifts is good for no one. Yes, your family loves chocolates and all the heart-shaped candies. If that isn’t in your time or budget get them something they need. What treat do you normally get them when you go grocery shopping? Get that for them. People just want to feel loved by the people they love. So no matter it is you get them it will be given with love. Don’t get tied up on what it is.


Now, this seems to be another thing I always seem to talk about but it is a thing and it’s getting worse. With these wonderful days of the internet, we are stressing ourselves out to make everything we do Pinterest perfect. I love Pinterest and I’d be lying if I said I don’t search it all the time for the latest food recipe or essential oil recipe. Do yourself a favor go there to get ideas but keep them simple. Let’s say you like the ideas of valentine’s box ideas but the ones you keep finding have too many items in it. Just throw in there favorite candy and some socks. They eat candy and need socks so it will be perfect.

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If you have someone in your family who likes juices even if they make there own get them some. To find what they would like in a conversation talk about how you would like to start juicing yourself and are looking for some ideas on what some good recipes are. There answer will help you pick some really great juices they can just grab and go. This is perfect for valentine’s box ideas because you can get a few different ones and even keep a couple for yourself if you would like. My current favorite juices you can find here.


Of course, you know that everyone can use a new shirt. Since you most likely will be buying a family member a new skirt anyways why not now for a valentine’s box ideas. Since spring is coming get them a cute t-shirt they won’t be able to live without. Here is one of my current favorites.


So what is great about getting anything personalized for a valentine’s box ideas is people keep these things forever. It can be a necklace but really it could just be a letter from your heart. Everyone, you are getting something for loves you and it doesn’t have to cost anything to make them smile. Know that you are doing an awesome job.

Eye Mask

With talking about stress how about using some valentine’s box ideas getting some goodies for yourself. A really great eye mask can help with puffiness. It can also make for a better start or end to any kind of day. Here is a current favorite eye mask of mine.

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Do you have some other good valentine’s box ideas? Great! Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

6 Valentine's Box Ideas Your Family Wouldn't Tell You

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