Your 6 Absolutely Exclusive Actually Healthy Austin Texas Guide

Chances are if you are reading this you are either headed to Austin Texas or you are thinking about it. You could ever live there and are looking for some new fun things to do and try. What you are about to read will be how you can make healthy choices while headed to Austin Texas and while you are there. Choosing to be healthy for sure is not an easy thing but I hope to take the headache out of some of it so you can enjoy your time. So let’s get to your guide.

Airbnb Austin Texas

Your 6 Absolutely Exclusive Actually Healthy Austin Texas Guide: Airbnb

If you have never used an Airbnb Austin Texas is a great place to start. We found a company called stayloom where they have multiple amazing looking Airbnb in multiple locations and they take great pride in making it look amazing and super relaxing. If you have never tried Airbnb before they are offering $40 off in travel credit just for you. Things to keep in mind when finding the perfect place for you. Ask them about parking if you have a vehicle. That way you may need to rent a small vehicle compared to an SUV based on the space they have you do. Best question o ask would be what size vehicle would be best to park with? Also, they give you an overview of the area you would be staying in do a google search to see what that area is all about. That way you know what kind of area you are going to be getting yourself into before you get there. If you are someone that needs sound while you sleep ask about a fan with a lot of noise or if you will need to bring your own.

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Whole Foods

So when planning a trip to Austin Texas first stop should be a grocery store. This will take a bit of planning as what to get before going there. Start with the amount of day you will be there and then what all you will need. Try to think about what you use at home and make a list. You are on vacation so live a little and give yourself some grace. You deserve to enjoy yourself.

Pacha Organic Café Austin Texas Pacha Organic Café Austin Texas

Pacha Organic Café

Now if you need a good breakfast place you for sure have to stop at Pacha Organic Café. I had the gluten free organic french toast with two eggs over easy and dark chocolate mocha. It was so good you wouldn’t have believed it was gluten-free. It’s always busy but has a fun vibe and everyone is so friendly. It’s a must stop at any time of the day. Everything on the menu looks amazing. So be sure to try whatever looks good I’m sure you will love it.

Brick Oven on 35th Austin Texas

Brick Oven on 35th

Of course, no trip is complete without a good pizza. Brick Oven on 35th has amazing regular and gluten-free pizza. They have a create your own pizza so pictured above is a 10-inch gluten-free crust with chicken, goat cheese, red pepper, and black olives. It was so good. My husband got a 10-inch pizza with sausage and pepperoni and loved his pizza as well. It’s for sure a great place to stop. The people were so kind and didn’t mind any special orders at all. The parking is pretty great too. Dinner doesn’t seem to start until 6 pm in Austin Texas so if you get there any time before then you will be just fine with parking and getting right in to eat.

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True Rest Float Spa Austin Texas

True Rest Float Spa

Now you have heard of the magic of floating right?! Ok so if you haven’t go watch this Youtube video on it now. Make sure not to drink any caffeine that day or shave at all. If you do drink caffeine it will just be hard to relax. If you do shave they give you some petroleum jelly to cover the shaved or cut areas. There is a ton of salt in the float pod but it doesn’t feel any different then if you have shaved and come in contact with salt. At your first appointment, they have you fill out and sign some stuff. Then you stretch in the water and get out. Take a shower using shampoo, conditioner, and body wash I brought my own.  Google all the benefits. They have an amazing deal to get $30 off your first time as well.

Picnik Austin Texas


This is the best place to try buttered coffee. Also, they have bone broth. We found this place on our last day in Austin and it was literally a block from our Airbnb. Picnik has a ton of locations really great options no matter what you are looking for. It’s for sure a must stop and really enjoy yourself. They have fun setting as well.

To sum this upstart with Whole foods, find some must-see restaurants, go for a float, and really research where you want to stay.

Siete Chips is located in Austin, Texas so be sure give their chips a try.

Do you have things and places you love to go to Austin, Texas? Great! Feel free to let us know in the comments below we would LOVE to hear from ya.

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Your 6 Absolutely Exclusive Actually Healthy Austin Texas Guide

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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