10 Ways To Beat The Afternoon Slump

Oh, the afternoon slump where sleepiness kicks in and focus is almost gone. Since you have been searching the internet high and low to figure out how to knock it off and get back to work. So here is 10 ways to beat the afternoon slump.

10 Ways To Beat The Afternoon Slump: Coffee

This one for sure is not for everyone. If you are anything like me coffee or caffeine after 10 am will keep ya up all night. So have an extra cup or two if you need but really learn your body and know if this will work for you or not.

Essential Oils

If you are an oily gal like me you will search Pinterest trying to find the best diffuser blend that will give you all the energy you need to get through the next few hours. Here is a great board to check out.


This one can work to either get you going like with a green tea or if you need help relaxing a Chamomile tea would work perfectly. I’ve even had a lavender tea recently and that was soo good! Just be sure to check the box to see what the caffeine content is so you don’t wake yourself up so much you won’t relax or sleep tonight.


Turn on some Spotify and have a more upbeat station to get you going. I find if I listen to a station that has no words I can focus more. Give it a try for yourself.


Sometimes just getting out for a quick 10-minute walk will do the body some good. Try throwing on a podcast or a video you have been meaning to listen to so you get two things done at once.

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Making a smoothie that is full of fruit, veggies, nuts, and protein may be what your body needs to get going.

Inspirational Video

You may just need something to get you out of your head. So if a quick video is the gonna be what needs to be done go watch it.

To Do List

Sometimes our head is so full of everything we need to get done we don’t just bump all that on a piece of paper. So take the time to make a list now.

Talk On The Phone

Maybe you just need to get something off your chest that has been bugging you for awhile. So get that call done and move one. You got this.

Read A Book

Just escaping reality for a few minutes and reading a book is all you need to get out of that slump. So read the book have a good laugh or cry and get back to work.

What are your 10 ways to beat the afternoon slump? Share them with us in the comments below.

10 Ways To Beat The Afternoon Slump

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