10 Gift Ideas for Women

So you are searching the internet trying to find the perfect gift for your wife and you realize just this morning you needed this gift like yesterday! So here are your 10 gift ideas for women.

# 10 gift ideas for women: Jewelry

So shockingly enough women really like this stuff. We have a ton of it and it’s sitting all over our house and deep in our purse but we always like the idea of getting more. Especially from the amazing man in our life, we are lucky enough to call our husband. This doesn’t have to be expensive it really can just be something from the heart that is personalized, and sparkly.

# 9 gift ideas for women: Makeup

Now I realize this is like a foreign language to you. This would be exactly like a woman walking into a tool shop and try to figure out what in the world they are looking at let alone figure out what they want to get. Let me keep this simple for ya. Go look at what she already has. Yes, this will require you to go find her make up bag/drawer but once you have it it’s all down hill from here. Now figure out the three items she is lowest on. Take a front and back picture of each. Now google¬†online for the brand or go a store that carries it and you my friend have your next gift.

# 8 gift ideas for women: Perfume

Go find the ones she is already using. Find one that is on the lower side. Snap a picture of it. Google the brand online or find a store closest to you and get pick it up.

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# 7 gift ideas for women: Shampoo

Ok, this one has you like really, shampoo she already has that. I know that is the point. Find the bottle, snap a picture of it, and search the brand online or go into a store and get it.

# 6 gift ideas for women: Apple Tv

These have really come down in price and are something the whole family can enjoy together. Reasons why you need it: Whatever you are watching on your phone can now be seen on your TV, and your music can be played from your phone to your TV as well.

# 5 gift ideas for women: Bath Bombs

If she has some laying around the house go find that brand online and buy her some. These are all from Amazon and are prime so if you have prime it will get to ya in no time at all. Here is an amazing one from Rejuvelle, another one from RoseVale, and just to give you a third option here is another one from Simply Coco.

# 4 gift ideas for women: Tieks

She will love them. I find a lot of ladies wear black shoes when they want dressy shoes. Go check out what color shoes she has and see if there is one she already has a ton of.. Click here to go check them out Tieks.

# 3 gift ideas for women: Spa Day

We always talk about it but never actually make time to go do it. There are a few ways to do this: get a gift card, book it all for her, or book it all for her and then go with her and get it all done together!

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# 2 gift ideas for women: Shirt

Go to her shirts area and first take note of her size. Since shirts, all fit differently look at a few shirts to really get a good idea of what size she is. Ok great now take note of all the color tops she has. Not sure where she shops? No problem take a look here.

# 1 gift ideas for women: Breakfast in bed

Make her food and feed her. It can be pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. Or it can be a bagel with cream cheese and coffee.

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10 Gift Ideas for Women

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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